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Complex Care Provision

Owned and led by Specialist Nurses.

Working in partnership with you to deliver unparalleled care and outcomes.

As a fully nurse owned and led complex care provider we can guarantee that clinical safety will always be our number one priority.  From this we offer our clients the choice and confidence to decide how the care provision looks and feels.  With a passion for truly personalised care, and the knowledge, experience and integrity to support a highly skilled care team, we ensure the care provision offers stability and sustainability. 

In addition to training your Health and Social Care Services care team, we also offer training to family members/care givers to help build their confidence and resilience. 

At Health and Social Care Services Limited we have a robust recruitment process in place, led and owned by nurses we understand the importance of safe and effective staffing. Offering you the voice and choice from the outset. Clients and families are invited to be fully involved in the selection process to establish a consistent, reliable & dedicated care team.

Our service delivery is transparent to clients, families, commissioners and case managers. We fully embrace the use of information technology and have systems in place that allows all appropriate parties to have access to real time care delivery information, this could be family, advocates, case managers and commissioners.

Whilst making a choice is easier for some than others, there are various aspects that will affect your decisions, some of which are very personal; only you will know exactly what matters most to you. By working in collaboration with you, understanding that your choices are meaningful, you support us to deliver positive outcomes, increase our responsiveness and ultimately improve the quality of service we provide

Embracing Technology for transparent, real-time communication

Our PASSsystem application provides inclusive access to all real-time care plans and records. It opens up communication channels; the family and homecare provider can now work alongside one another to gain access to relevant information and transform care delivery.

Clinically led care provision

Bespoke Care Provision for Adults and Children with Disabling Conditions. To include but not limited to: 

Woman & Doctor

Acquired and Traumatic

With a wealth of experience behind us, Health and Social Care Services Limited’s philosophy is very simple: To provide unparalleled support and outcomes to the people that matter, the ones central to our care provision – you, your family, your loved ones and your team.


For Health and Social Care Services Limited, the provision of care for MND sufferers is one of our passions.  Drawing for a wealth of experience and knowledge we make it a priority to understand your care needs and work alongside you to develop a bespoke package of care.  In turn allowing you and your family to live as fuller and meaningful life as possible, supporting your wishes and aspirations.

In Good Hands
Chiropractor at Work

“There are wounds that has no physical symptom but are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds"

Source: Actual Patient

Health and Social Care Services Limited is owned and led by Specialist Nurses who hold a great deal of experience and expertise of working with clients affected by PTSD. Each case is unique to every individual.

We do not categorise patients in a box, constricted by a rigid care plan and local policies. Instead, we assess & develop a personalised Care Plan to ensure it is tailored to each person’s individual needs.

Complex Care Provision

Renowned for the high profile Spinal Injury Care packages that our Co-Founders have managed; Health and Social Care Services Limited’s philosophy is very simple: To provide unparalleled support and outcomes to the people that matter, the ones central to our care provision – you, your family, your loved ones and your team.

Chiropractor at Work

Patients who are ventilated: Invasive or Non-Invasive

Home mechanical ventilation is perhaps considered the most complicated and advanced type of medical treatment provided outside the acute hospital setting.


We have identified, through experience, that the care of individual with complex needs, who is dependent on home mechanical ventilation, presents many challenges.  These challenges present to the healthcare professionals, the service user and their families.

If you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, you may need some time to come to terms with it.   At Health and Social Care Services Ltd, we are a specialist care provider for clients suffering from epilepsy.


We work closely with you, your loved ones and the wider multidisciplinary team to provide the care and support you need – in your own home, with you in control.

Supporting those living with Cerebral Palsy requires compassion and understanding.  At Health & Social Care Services, we focus on providing the highest standard of care, supplying the right team around you and providing continued support.

At Heath & Social Care Services, we have the experience and expertise to provide specialist nurse led patient centred care for people with neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, meeting their specific needs in the home environment.


All packages of care are fully tailored to the client’s unique needs which may inevitably change over time, as their condition progresses.

By building support around the whole family we are able to offer back the security and safety required to allow the child and their family to enjoy living at home.


We are fully clinically led and managed by registered nurses to include Paediatric and School Nurses – allowing us to confidently support a wide range of needs to include Cerebral Palsy, Congenital conditions, Neurological conditions, and learning disabilities

Health and Social Care Services Limited fully appreciate that supporting young people through transition from Childrens care to Adult care is key to a successful, fulfilling and meaningful experience in their early adult life.

The transition from children’s services to adults’ services is often very challenging for young people and their families: it combines a change of services and professionals at the very time when they are also negotiating wider changes to their life, for example in their educational circumstances.

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People with multi-sensory impairment (MSI) have a combination of hearing and vision impairments. Most MSI people will have some useful vision and hearing; however, there are some who are completely deaf and blind.

Health and Social Care Services believe that no one, no matter how complex their disabilities, should be isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential.

Referrals for Health and Social Care Services Limited are welcomed from Case Management teams, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups, Charities and directly from home and family. 

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