Central to everything we do at Health & Social Care Services Limited is our desire to fully support your wellbeing.  To achieve this, we offer back the control over your day-to-day life, fully supporting you to choose and design how the care package looks, feels and works. Choice is about us enabling you to make informed decisions about aspects of your health care, to best meet your needs and preferences, whilst still maintaining quality and safety.  We believe in risk enablement – taking risks is essential to living a full life.  With self-directed support we can offer you greater choice and control.


By involving you, we are not just supporting and providing care, but embracing and respecting your autonomy.  We want to explore your stories, your ideas, values, hopes, fears and expectations - not just concentrating on what you want to achieve but also considering what you understand of your condition and how we can work with this. 

From the minute we meet you we will be thinking about your personality, and the personalities of those important to you, to ensure we match the care team as closely as possible.  You are welcome to shortlist and interview with us if you wish.  Having people in your home can be intrusive so personality matching is fundamental to a long and sustainable package of support.


Whilst making a choice is easier for some than others, there are various aspects that will affect your decisions, some of which are very personal; only you will know exactly what matters most to you. By working in collaboration with you, understanding that your choices are meaningful, you support us to deliver positive outcomes, increase our responsiveness and ultimately improve the quality of service we provide.

At Health and Social Care Services Limited we sincerely believe that to realise the best possible patient-centred care we must continue to strive continuously for the highest standard of patient experience – giving the control and choice back to you. 

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