Why we Exist

Our Values and our vision

As qualified nurses, with over 30 years of experience behind us, we truly understand how intrusive having a care team can be on your life.  Your home, your haven, risks becoming a work place.  It is only through careful management and complete empathy that we can avoid this and ensure your space, your privacy and your trust is built and preserved.   


We provide unique solutions for unique situations.  Offering programs of support that truly reflect your needs and your values.  We feel the key to a successful support package is consistency, ensuring the staff we provide are a good match to you and your family.  From this trust is built and then it is for us to ensure we keep that staff member – we support our team as we would support you.  With integrity and empathy.  We are not looking to be big company with rapid growth – we just want to give the best, highest quality support we can.  We want to keep the personal touch.


There is no such thing as a “standard package of care” as there is no such thing as a “standard client”! Each program of support is designed at the start by you, we will then facilitate it.  We will share our experience with you to ensure expectations can be realistically met but promise to put you in control.  Your support, your team, your choice.


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