Embracing Technology for transparent, real-time communication

The PASSsystem is the market-leading care planning and monitoring solution. It is a digital care management solution which concentrates on care planning, care notes and emar. All medication is recorded on The PASSsystem. The electronic version of the customer’s MAR sheet will show up-to-date details for each medicine and every scheduled and completed medication task.

OpenPASS extends the secure connection and data from The PASSsystem to service users and verified family carers and family members. It can also be used to share information with Social Workers, friends, Community Workers and Health Care professionals.

It provides a single view of care records from enquiry, assessment, medication, task changes and reviews.

The unique, patent pending application provides inclusive access to all real-time care plans and records. It opens up communication channels; the family and homecare provider can now work alongside one another to gain access to relevant information and transform care delivery. Access is available without approval while in the customer’s home. Users need only register for the app, it is just a case of scanning the QR code for access. 24/7 access requires approval. Once approval has been granted then users can access the records 24/7, anywhere.

Users will be able to view: care plan (outcomes, visits, tasks and summary), care notes and any resolution notes. Users will also be able to contact the care provider through openPASS.

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