"( Care Staff ) are absolutely brilliant. The are like family to us. They give us so much peace of mind. They work together very well. ( Extra Staff ) coming to help is such a relief".

"Excellent service and you all went above and beyond when I came back off holiday".

"The guys are good and the care generally are really good. I am happy. You saved me and "" from a difficult situation".

"She is very caring and so good at multi-tasking. It makes me feel very safe when they are on on shift. She has an attitude of `everything is possible`".

"( Care staff ) are absolutely brilliant, she will do anything I ask to support the family". 

“Lewis helps me see my children. I'm 100% happy. I've got all the support I need and it's really helping. Lewis allows and supports me to be a dad”.

“I just wish we had you from hospital discharge rather than 2 years later. You have made such a difference to my life already".

“As his ( clients ) girlfriend this support has made my life much easier and has taken the pressure away. Now I can be girlfriend again not his carer. I have time to myself and time for us to enjoy together rather than just organising and doing”.

“My support worker is pro-active, he completely respects me. He doesn't just tell me what we are doing he comes in, he lets me decide. He supports and directs me but I make the decisions. He is supporting me to regain maximum independence and most importantly to spend time with my children”.

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